Julie Libby

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Julie-LibbyJulie Libby

Hannaford Supermarkets
Director of Fresh Merchandising

Years with company: 10 years

Education degrees and professional/volunteer organizations:  B.S. in Business Administration. M.B.A., Founding Board of Directors member for Libra Future Fund (a non-profit organization that was created to capitalize upon the energy and creativity that Maine’s young people embody and to combat youth out-migration by supporting initiatives that increase the number of Maine-based professional opportunities).

Mentors and how have they assisted you in your career: Several mentors at Hannaford have been influential in my career. Three of the most important things they have taught me are:

Focus your energy on being the best at what you’re doing right now

Be genuine to who you are and never jeopardize your integrity

Build strong relationships with mentors and sponsors who will give you constructive feedback and support that will truly help push you forward

What are you most proud of in your career achievements? Do you have a defining moment of your career to dateMy career path within the organization has allowed me to be involved in many aspects of the business including Supply Chain, Retail Operations, Category and Merchandising.  Having the opportunity to work within each of these areas gives me the opportunity to see the business through more filters and provides me with a deeper understanding of our overall operations.

Most challenging part of your job:  Making trade-offs.  There are a lot of great ideas and initiatives that you want to pursue, but if you don’t make thoughtful decisions and select areas of focus, the sum of your efforts won’t be as great as if you choose the select few to do really well.

Advice for upcoming younger executives: Find a mentor and foster a meaningful relationship.  Bring solutions to your supervisor instead of problems.  Find ways to continue to grow – both personally and within the workplace.  Strive for a work/life “balance.” Be genuine to who you are and purposeful about what you want your reputation to be and act on it accordingly.  Value your associates – lead them, don’t just manage them.

Hobbies:  I  love the outdoors, enjoy reading and I am an avid Boston sports fan.  Most of all, I enjoy my family time with my husband and two small children.