Courtney Jo Schoenbaechler

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Courtney Joe SchoenbaechlerCourtney Jo Schoenbaechler

Kettle Cuisine
Brand Marketing Manager

 Years with company:  More than three years

Education degrees and professional/volunteer organizations:

  • Bachelor of Arts from University or South Carolina (Media Art/Photography)
  • Currently working towards my MBA with an emphasis in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Babson College
  • I’m a current member of the Network of Executive Women, American Marketing Association and Women’s Foodservice Forum.
  • At Kettle Cuisine I’ve spearheaded our corporate involvement with hunger relief organizations including Community Cooks and The Food Project and am also involved with Project Bread and the Greater Boston Food Bank.

Mentors and how have they assisted you in your career: My previous manager, Jenny Badman, taught me how to think outside of the box in marketing and work with the materials at hand. She’s a brilliant writer and brand builder and she boosted my confidence as a graphic designer at the beginning of my career, and then helped me grow into a marketer over several years of working together and watching her do what she does so well. She really helped foster a passion for the food/hospitality industry in me.

My current manager, Levon Kurkjian, has become a mentor and good friend since I began working at Kettle Cuisine three years ago. Levon has been a champion for my professional development since I started, so he really pushed me to think at a higher level and get more analytical with marketing. I’ve learned a lot about marketing strategy and the food industry from working with him, but more importantly I’ve learned how to manage and work with people. He builds relationships through trust, honesty, respect and a little bit of humor, and I strive to mimic his integrity in my own career. He also helped me with the decision to go back to school for my MBA, which I’m incredibly thankful for.

What are you most proud of in your career achievements? Do you have a defining moment of your career to dateMy most proud accomplishment as a marketer has been the rebranding of Kettle Cuisine, which we completed this year. Although we are a B-to-B operation, I worked to infuse humanity and a sense of story about our ingredients, people and products that our customers can relate to. We were also able to identify our brand/company purpose through the process, which has had a great impact. Our new website is best-in-class and our customers have expressed their excitement with our story and new features that make their operations run more smoothly. Having such a positive influence on the brand, our customers and our internal team has been very rewarding.

Most challenging part of your job: I came from a hospitality background so making the switch from consumer marketing to B-to-B marketing was challenging at the beginning. I had to prove that businesses are people too and that B-to-B marketing can still be beautifully designed and effective when the tone is more human and less bottom line.

Advice for upcoming younger executives: I think that if you work hard and stay genuine, people will notice. Working hard because you’re doing something that you are passionate about will be rewarding for you personally, and professionally your colleagues will respect your commitment. If you’re genuinely invested in what you’re doing you will feel fulfilled and others will feed off of that energy.

Hobbies: Food! I’m always looking up new restaurants and recipes. I also love to travel, read, practice yoga, play with my dog and be outside whenever I can.