Jodi Pike

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Jodi Pike, AGNEJodi Pike

Associated Grocers of New England
IT Programming Manager

Years with company:  Seven years

Education degrees and professional/volunteer organizations:
Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Information Systems, 1996

Mentors and how have they assisted you in your career:
I’ve been fortunate to have multiple mentors over the past 26 years of my professional career in IT. They have taught me to spend more time listening than talking, not to be afraid to make a decision and most importantly, be honest with myself and others. One of my favorite mentors is my daughter who is currently in the 2nd grade. She is my everyday reminder that “life’s challenges” happen at every level and that we all have the ability to employ those lessons learned in kindergarten…honesty is the best policy, be nice, and if you don’t know the answer, find someone who does.

Most challenging part of your job:
Understanding all the aspects of this business and how my role may better help everyone get the tools/data they need to do their job; knowing that the information I give them or point them to is, indeed, the information they need and it is accurate.

Advice for upcoming younger executives:
Trust and believe in yourself because if you don’t, you cannot expect anyone else to. Always be honest in your dealings with people; they may not like your answer, but you will develop a reputation for candor and truthfulness that will gain you more respect than the person who tells people what they want to hear. Don’t be afraid to make decisions. You will make mistakes, but use them as learning opportunities. Take ownership of your actions and decisions. Change is inevitable – learn to live with it.  Understand there can be multiple right ansers and do your best to understand others’ perspectives.