Heidi Huff

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Huff_HeidiHeidi Huff

Manager of Marketing and Retail Programs 

Years with company: 3 ½ years




Education degrees and professional/volunteer organizations:

  • Luther College, Trinity Medical Center – EMT-P
  • Supermarket Executive Leadership Program
  • church volunteer

Mentors and how have they assisted you in your career:
My dad has been my biggest influencer, and his lessons apply not only to my personal life, but my career as well.  He taught me tolerance, and to take a step back and try to see all sides of an issue before voicing my opinion. He also taught me that anything is possible, and with his help and guidance, I’ve always found that to be true.

My biggest mentor in my career specifically was Julie Moselle, the director of catering when I was working at Corner Bakery Cafe. Through Julie I discovered how to be a strong, professional and successful woman in a male-dominated industry. Her biggest lesson to me simple but effective:  when you run into conflict in business, find a way to resolve it quickly and without unnecessary emotion. Unattended problems and conflicts can fester and grow out of control. It’s best to calmly and rationally address issues as they arise so you can move on to the more productive stages of business.

Most challenging part of your job: 

  • Learning to say no—so many projects and opportunities look great, fun and have awesome possibilities, but is it realistic to get them done right?
  • Making everyone happy.


Advice for upcoming younger executives:
Be patient, don’t be afraid to share your opinion – your view can bring a fresh perspective. At the same time, listen – there is a lot to learn from your peers and superiors.

Hobbies:   My family, sports, being outdoors.