Hope Patterson

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patterson_hopeHope Patterson

Bozzuto’s Inc.
Director, Customer Service

Years with company:  Thirty years in July 2012

Education degrees and professional/volunteer organizations:
B.S. degree in home economics with minors in sociology and economics from Framingham State College

Mentors and how have they assisted in your career:
From our wonderful retailers, I learned that there is more than one way to achieve the same goal.  Michael Bozzuto, who hired me and provided opportunities that allowed me to stretch out of my comfort zone, risk failure, and learn to land on my feet.  George Motel for sharing his wisdom.  Dan Brock for his patience. Gail Handley for keeping me on my toes.   My husband Tom and our children, Rich and Becky, who helped me to find the right balance between juggling career and family.

What are you most proud of in your career achievements?  Do you have a defining moment of your career to date?
In the nearly 30 years that I have been a part of the Bozzuto family, I have held many different positions of increasing authority.  Being able to wear different hats has afforded me the opportunity to be involved in most phases of the operation.  This has proven invaluable in providing outstanding service to our customers with “one call does it all.”  I am very proud to say that in 2005, I was presented with the Adam J. Bozzuto award.

Most challenging part of your job:
The most challenging (and most enjoyable) part of my job is finding solutions that work for both our diverse retail base of customers as well as Bozzuto’s.

Advice for upcoming younger executives:
Be passionate in what you do.  Listen…really listen to people. Follow a sports team and use that knowledge to break the ice or stimulate a conversation.  Be positive.  Work hard to build strong, mutually respectful relationships with your peers.    Never compromise your integrity.  Remember that all jobs are important and so are the people performing them.  Always keep your promises. Encourage others.  Believe in yourself.

I enjoy traveling and visiting historic “tourist” spots, baking, sewing and quilting.  I am also the human member of a Delta-certified pet therapy team with my golden retriever, Lizzie.