Denise S. Graffeo, CEC, AAC

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graffeoDenise S. Graffeo, CEC, AAC

Eastern Yacht Club
Chef Emeritus (retired on Jan. 1, 2008)


Well over 100 culinary students have come through my kitchen before I retired.  From all the area culinary schools.  And as mentioned above between both organizations we are helping with culinary student scholarships and events all over the area.  My job as president of The Epicurean Club of Boston for the last four years is planning ten meetings per year where we invited speakers, purveyors, students, professionals of the culinary arts to come together as a group and network with each other providing an educational environment to gather.  During my tenure as President of ECB we have formed a partnership with the Massachusetts Restaurant Association, whereby we hope to increase the scholarships given by both groups.