Roberta Hepburn

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hepburnRoberta Hepburn

Melluso Enterprises Inc., H&M Restaurants Inc. DBA The Tin Fish, H&M Restaurant Group, Inc.
Controller of three entities


My responsibilities are the all-inclusive operations of an eatery. Training both the front and back of the house. Complete daily hands-on with management, daily operating procedures, accounting, customer service and cooking. A tight daily analysis of the business to grow and operate effectively and efficiently every day. Mentoring my employees. An example is my Newburgh Indiana Tin Fish. A chef, Morgan Close from New York, came to work for me. I could tell right away she was smart and a hard worker who could own her own business. She was only 26. For the past three years now, Morgan successfully owns Tin Fish Newburgh. My employees are my most valuable assets, I never forget it. I try to enrich their lives in various ways and they in return work at their best.