Christine Rogers McMaster

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mcmasterChristine Rogers McMaster

Wakefern Food Corp.
Director of Retail Logistics

As director of retail logistics, Christine oversees several diverse areas including retail support of replenishment, inventory and labor initiatives.  Her areas of expertise include: computer generated ordering, which educates and evaluates efficient utilization of Wakefern’s replenishment technologies at retail, recommending optimal solutions for retail associates; customer service, which  focuses on supporting fulfillment of store orders, dealing with any issues that may arise;  retail labor management, which establishes standards for retail processes that facilitate the most efficient scheduling of labor, and provides training on the software that enables execution;  warehouse industrial engineering, which, in collaboration with operations managers, provides efficient distribution facilities that can meet the fast paced demands of our retail locations; and data integrity, a newly developed area established to guarantee accuracy in the set up of new items in Wakefern’s distribution system by working with our vendor community and product divisions.