Diana McNaughton

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McNaughtonDiana McNaughton

Dennis Paper & Food Service
Marketing Manager

My mission when hired was to create a marketing department for the only family-owned broad line distributor in the state of Maine.  I was one of 23 employees when I joined the Dennis organization in 2002.  The company had just moved into a larger facility after 34 years at its previous location.  I took on purchasing responsibilities and began developing relationships and marketing strategies with our vendors.  Partnering with key vendors, scheduling sales training, advertising and promotional activity contributed to our immediate sales gains.


To accommodate our rapid growth, in 2005 we moved into a more modern 60,000-square-foot facility with 10 acres available for future expansion.  This move was followed by two computer conversions which tested our patience (and sanity!).  The Dennis teamed pulled together and continued to surpass all growth expectations. sWith the number of employees now over one hundred, the task of scheduling these events was daunting.  Great teamwork made our centennial year a most memorable and successful business year.