Catherine D’Amato

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catherine-damatoCatherine D’Amato: 2011 Female Executive of the Year

Greater Boston Food
President and Chief Executive Officer

As president and chief executive officer of the Greater Boston Food Bank, Catherine D’Amato runs New England’s largest hunger-relief organization in an extremely efficient and effective manner as a nonprofit food distribution business.

She has relentless compassion for those she serves and galvanizes others in the corporate and civic communities to partner for an important cause. She answers to many, including her staff, the board of directors, donors, suppliers, and customers and herself.

Phil Licari, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Greater Boston Food Bank, summed it up best when he said that Ms. D’Amato’s professional skill set is quite extensive to go along with her engaging and wonderful personality. She understands the complexity of operating one of the largest food banks in the region, fundraising, a how to interact with government agencies and the internal staff of the food bank. “The combination of all of these skill sets is difficult to find in an executive, either in a profit or nonprofit organization. People love to talk to her and listen to her. She is a wonderful person to be around,” said Mr. Licari, who has known Catherine for seven years.

“Catherine has done an incredible job in servicing the needs of the hungry in Eastern Massachusetts,” said Chris Flynn, president of the Mass. Food Assn. “She arrived at the food bank in 1997 and has since more than tripled the amount of food distributed to almost 35 million pounds of food last year; she moved the food bank into a state-of-the-art facility that will allow the food bank to distribute 50 million pounds of food; and she has raised $35 million to pay for the facility. Her tireless work, along with the talented team she has assembled at the food bank, allows hungry people to have access to nutritional and wholesome food. She truly deserves the recognition she receives for the enthusiasm, compassion and energy she brings to her valuable work on behalf of all who want to play a role in ending hunger,” said Mr. Flynn.