Darcy Anderson

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Darcy Anderson Associated Grocers of New EnglandDarcy Anderson

Associated Grocers of New England
Procurement Merchandising and Development Specialist

Years with company: 9 ½ years.

Education degrees and professional/volunteer organizations: I have my BA degree in liberal arts from the University of New Hampshire and my MBA degree  from Southern New Hampshire University.   I am the co-chair of AG’s Community Connection Committee, our in-house charitable foundation, and I am a regional member of the Network of Executive Women.

Mentors and how they gave assisted you in your career: One of my early mentors was one of my college professors, Mr. Doug Jack, who was instrumental in getting me involved in teaching as an adjunct faculty member at a community college.  Doing this, in addition to my career as a procurement specialist, allowed me to stay current with business trends and discover my passion for teaching and the mentoring of others.  

What are you most proud of in your career achievements? Do you have a defining moment of your career to date? This passion for teaching has lead to what I am most proud of in my career; the ability to teach and train others at Associated Grocers in the function of procurement. If I had to pick one defining moment, it would be when I was asked to be a co-chair for AG’s Community Connection.  This role has allowed me to work with and help many of the charitable organizations in our area.

Most challenging part of your job: The most challenging part of my job is maintaining the appropriate work/life balance.  Many of my responsibilities involve doing long-term projects. This, coupled with my desire to help and mentor others has sometimes led to an imbalance between work and my personal life.

Advice for upcoming younger executives: My advice for up and coming younger executives is to be willing to learn new ways of doing things and embrace change!  If you are willing to do this, you will always learn something new.

Hobbies: My hobbies are very diverse.  I play indoor soccer, enjoy running and going to the gym.  During the summer I go boating every weekend and belong to AG’s Golf league, which I run.  I like to kayak and ride my motorcycle.  I like to sew, cook and play computer games.  Lastly, one of my favorite hobbies is to play cards with my Dad and brother while watching football!