Susan Morris

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Susan MorrisSusan Morris

President, Albertsons Intermountain Division

Years with company: 29 years

Education degrees and professional/volunteer organizations: Bachelor of Science Colorado State University.  Currently a board member of the Idaho Foodbank and the Boise Chamber of Commerce.

 Mentors and how have they assisted you in your career: I am fortunate enough to work once again with many of my former mentors.  I have known each of them for several years and they taught me more than I could possibly say.

Larry Hansen, currently the Grocery Sales Manager at Albertsons Intermountain Division – Larry supported me in ways as a young woman in the business that I didn’t fully understand until later in life.  He took me under his wing and taught me so much about the business; he empowered me to make decisions (large ones!) and held me accountable for the results.  He gave me confidence by allowing me autonomy even when I was learning.  And behind the scenes he got my back by making sure that the people I was dealing with knew that the buck stopped with me.

Wayne Denningham, currently President of Albertsons Southern California Division – Wayne is one of the most passionate leaders I have ever worked for!  He leads with energy, asks a great deal of his people but that works as he was so successful in his own career that his high expectations come with credibility because he has lived everything he asks his team to do.

Shane Dorcheus, currently President of Albertsons Southwest Division — Shane taught me to be even keeled, to listen to the facts and make objective decisions.  I learned that emotion clouds reason and that listening , truly listening will create a more productive outcome for everyone involved.

Bob Butler, COO Albertsons – Bob is an incredible people person.  No matter who he meets, a courtesy clerk in a store, a customer, a CEO from a major company — they all feel as if they are the most important person in the world.  And when he sees them again, he always remembers their name and usually some personal fact.  People love him and want to work hard for him as he shows so much personal respect to everyone he meets!

What are you most proud of in your career achievements? Do you have a defining moment of your career to date?  I am most proud of making the decision back in 2010 to leave a big title and a large company behind to follow my heart and to re-join the Albertsons LLC team.  In that process, I learned that choosing a company that aligns with my personal beliefs and goals means much more than prestige and titles.  That taking steps backwards can really help you move forward and to grow.   I love the company culture at Albertsons, we are small but can do big things, I mean really big things – and fast!    We focus on our people and value their contributions.  We know that there is really one true boss out there, our customer.  And everything we do every day is to work hard to keep customers choosing Albertsons over anywhere else.

I was very proud and honored when given the role of President for Albertsons Intermountain Division, I am so lucky to have an amazing, experienced, talented, dynamic team and any success we have is due to THEM!

Most challenging part of your job: We have a very large geography, 97 stores in 8 states which means much of our communication is remote and not as frequent as I would like.  We work hard to get out into the stores as often as possible as nothing can replace face to face interaction.  It’s tough because I would like to be in more stores more often, but then again we have excellent District Teams out there who execute very well, and who continue to mentor and support their teams.

Advice for upcoming younger executives: Never hesitate to ask for what you want.  Push yourself and try new things that make you uncomfortable, you will not regret this!  Titles and money are great, but you should truly enjoy your job, feel great about your company as this is the only way you will grow and thrive!

 Hobbies: Cooking (and eating, unfortunately), enjoying time with great friends and family, and doing anything outdoors!