Pam O’Neil

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Pam O'NeilPam O’Neil

Garelick Farms
Regional Merchandising Manager for Garelick Farms

Years  with company :  12 Years

Education degrees and professional/volunteer organizations:  I graduated from Bridgewater State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management.  Past/Present Volunteer Organizations include:  Network of Executive Women Regional Committee Member,  Co-Chair of the NEW College Outreach and Mentoring Committee and  Walpole Country Club Board of Governors.

Mentors and how have they assisted you in your career: On a personal level, I was fortunate to be blessed with loving parents and a supportive family.  They instilled in me a solid foundation with key values such as honesty, integrity, compassion, dedication, a strong work ethic and respect for oneself and others.  I believe these core values have set the stage for my success.   Another important mentor in my life is Allan, my best friend and partner, who has always believed in me and encouraged me throughout my life.

Professionally, I have been extremely lucky to have had numerous people throughout my career who have guided and influenced me.   The lessons and skills I have learned from them will be cherished forever.

What are you most proud of in your career achievements? Do you have a defining moment of your career to date? Early in my career I worked for Spalding Sports Worldwide.  At that time, the sporting goods industry was male dominated.  I was the first female Direct Sales Representative and later the first female Regional Sales Manager for Spalding Sports Worldwide. I believe through my hard work and determination, as well as earning the confidence from the leadership team, these achievements were realized.

Most challenging part of your job: The most challenging part of my job is practicing effective time management skills.  There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day or the week.  It is essential to continue to prioritize and reevaluate the various demands of the competitive work environment on a daily basis.  Successful time management is imperative.

Advice for upcoming younger executives: Advice that I would have for a younger executive is to have passion for all that you do.  Don’t be afraid to make a mistake but more importantly learn from it.  Be organized, positive, enthusiastic, believe in yourself and learn something new every day.

Hobbies: Spending time at Cape Cod, walks on the beach, golf and playing with my best buddy Mulligan (our 4 year old lab).