Terri Snyder

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Terri SnyderTerri Snyder

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc.
Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Years with company: More than six years

Education Degrees & Volunteer Organizations:

  • University of Kansas: B.S., Advertising & Marketing
  • Board of Directors, Checkers Drive-in Restaurants, Inc.
  • Board of Directors, University of South Florida, School of Business and School of Communication
  • Industry Advisory Board, NPD/Crest
  • Advisory Board, Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference
  • Former Board Member, Women’s Food Service Forum


Mentors and how they have assisted you in your career? Women’s Foodservice Forum – This organization helped me realize my own potential and provided me with strategies for growing my career and managing work/life balance.

David Novak – He taught me the power of passion, building a talented team, and strong communication.

Rick Silva – He taught me how powerful deep and passionate engagement can be on the success of a business.

What are you most proud of in your career achievements? Do you have a defining moment of your career to date? I am most proud to have worked with the Checkers®/Rally’s® executive team to transform the business into a vibrant growth brand that leads the category in same store sales growth. As EVP & CMO, I have led a talented internal marketing team and a robust network of respected agency partners to create strategic marketing programs that target and grow the chain’s core consumer audience, drive restaurant traffic, and generate increased sales and profits.

Under my leadership, Checkers/Rally’s has dramatically grown it’s relevancy to consumers through several key initiatives including: new product introductions that leverage the brand’s promise of bold, craveable flavor; strong value offerings (crazy good food for little cash) that meet the needs of today’s consumer; and late night innovations that fit our guests’ 24/7 lives.

I am proud that my role at Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc., extends into every area of marketing, including: national and regional advertising, field marketing, public relations, social media, new product development, as well as franchise-marketing and co-op leadership.

Most challenging part of your job? At Checkers, I have the opportunity to work with a highly engaged, cross-functional executive team, dedicated franchisees who are passionate about our brand, and hardworking, enthusiastic employees across the country. I also have the excitement of connecting with our guests, who love our bold, craveable flavors, exceptional value, late night hours and fast, convenient service that fits their 24/7 lives.

While working with so many audiences is incredibly rewarding, it can also be challenging to keep communications consistent, relevant and on time with each of them, especially in this fast paced industry.

Advice for upcoming younger executives: I find that many young executives are very skilled at managing down – keeping their direct reports informed and on task. My advice is to also be sure to manage up, ensuring that you share ideas and strategies with your superiors in a way that they best receive and respond to information, be it in meetings, phone calls, emails, texts, etc. When well briefed on your initiatives, your superiors can be powerful champions for your efforts who can smooth your road to success.


Volunteering – I believe that because much has been given to me, much should be expected in return.

Travelling – My husband and I have truly enjoyed experiencing many of the great wonders of the world, meeting truly intriguing people, and experiencing so many wonderful serendipitous moments that one can only experience while traveling.

Wine – I’ve really enjoyed becoming a first level sommelier.