Jacqueline Vargas Donovan

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Donovan,-JacquelineJacqueline Vargas Donovan

Fairway Market
Vice President and Director of Marketing

Years with company: Five and a half years

Education degrees and professional/volunteer organizations:

  • Hamilton College: BA, Economics
  • Rutgers, The State University of NJ: Mini-MBA, Digital Marketing
  • Speaker, Save Latin America

Mentors and how have they assisted you in your career: My teacher, Sally Davis, showed me a world bigger than I had ever been able to see before – she encouraged me to explore. Also, my Godmother, Gladys Santoro, also a Latina, taught me that my present doesn’t have to be my future.

What are you most proud of in your career achievements? Do you have a defining moment oyour career to date?

I’m proud and honored to be a trailblazer for Latinas in the New York Grocery and Food Industry. Having the opportunity to ring the bell at NASDAQ when Fairway Market went public, was a defining moment in my career, because I was a part of making that history happen.

Most challenging part of your job: Challenging myself to make sure that I am constantly grooming my team and allowing them, individually, live up to each of their potential.

Advice for upcoming younger executives: “Fortune favors the bold” – Don’t muzzle your ideas. Write them down and don’t edit yourself. Good writing and record keeping will always serve you, but you must practice.

Hobbies: Reading, Running, and Pilates.