Cheryl Kennick

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Kennick,-CherylCheryl Kennick

City of Hope
Senior Director of Corporate Philanthropy

Years with company: 19 years City of Hope

Education degrees and professional/volunteer organizations:
Pasadena City College-USC Executive Program

Mentors and how have they assisted you in your career: 
Just to name a few:
Carole Christianson COO Western Association Food Chains
Kevin Davis-Bristol Farms
Paul Christianson- Christianson West LLC
Sue Klug-Unified Grocers
Lillian Zacky-Zacky Farms
Dick Spezzano-Spezzano Consulting Company
Marty Craner-B&C Fresh Sales
Jan Delyser-California Avocado Commission
Jerry Scorsatto-Vons Grocery Company
Susan Scorsatto- Lands Coffee Company
Celica Martinez- Retired Vons Grocery Company

Most challenging part of your job: Is dealing with families struggling with life threatening diseases

Advice for upcoming younger executives: Treat others, all others, with kindness and respect. Be yourself.. Do the right things for the right reasons. Try not to let little things bother you …Remember the only person you can change is you.   Be trustworthy.

Hobbies: Horse back riding…gardening…riding my bike with my yellow lab Gigi…Spinning classes…Cooking and Entertaining family and friends.