Elizabeth A. Liard

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Liard,-ElizabethElizabeth A. Liard

GFS/Perkins Paper LLC (E&S Div)

3.  Years with company -12 years

4.  Current position and your immediate supervisor

E&S Contract Purchasing Manager

Rich Penny-Supervisor

5.  Education degrees and professional/volunteer organizations

Graduated-Johnson & Wales University

Volunteer- Chairperson of the The Lori Fund –  a Perkins fundraising team raising money for cancer research donated to Dana Farber Cancer Center through the efforts of the Pan Mass Challenge Bike Ride. 2 years ago we raised $156,000 for the cause.

10 year Volunteer for my local Adopt-A-Family program that distributes Christmas gifts to needy families.

6.  Mentors and how have they assisted you in your career

My first mentor was my former boss/employer Bob Halpern from TriMark United East. His guidance taught me to be diligent, dedicated and focused. After 28 years I moved on to Perkins.

Bob Crawford former VP and General Manager of Perkins and the culture of Perkins has guided me in always doing the “right thing” and finding our place in the foodservice industry.

7.  What are you most proud of in your career achievements? Do you have a defining moment of

your career to date?

I started out as a data entry operator and moved through the various departments of Accts Receivable, Accts Payable, managing purchasing departments, delivery & installation crews and all the while learning something new almost every day. I am proud of being a woman in this industry and creating the connections and contacts I have.

Being named a Women of Influence in this industry would be something I am also proud of.

8.  Most challenging part of your job

The internet has changed our world and the competition from on-line buying and imports makes dealing with customers to make the right decisions more difficult. Price rather than quality is driving everything. There is less loyalty to the dealer community and the new age of restaurateurs has less experience and even less patience. Freight costs, damages, inferior workmanship, all these things add to the day to day dilemma of getting the job done

9.  Advice for upcoming younger executives

Stay focused, open minded, learn as much as you can and learn from your mistakes. It takes time but what you invest in the job and your career will reap the rewards.   Nothing comes easy that is worthwhile.

10. Hobbies

Reading, gardening, spending time with family and friends