Chelsea McCool

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McCool,-ChelseaChelsea McCool

Daymon Worldwide – Omni Global Sourcing Solutions
Senior Manager – Global Sourcing

Years with company: 8.5 years

Education degrees and professional/volunteer organizations:
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Oklahoma State University

Mentors and how have they assisted you in your career: There are three areas that mentors assist me with in my career. First, they provide an outside and structured perspective on challenges making them seem easier to solve. Second, they push me when I am comfortable and challenge me to challenge myself more. Finally, they are a friend, confidant and liberator to help me see that I don’t have to take on everything or be perfect.

What are you most proud of in your career achievements? Do you have a defining moment of your career to date? I don’t have one defining moment in my career because I see everything as a journey and learning experience. For me, it is not about the situations in which you find yourself but how you handle the situations. I am proud of my combined persistence, patience and positivity that have helped me successfully navigate many challenging points in my career. I am also proud to have built strong relationships with internal and external industry professionals globally.

Most challenging part of your job: Keeping up with change and trying to get in front of it is my biggest challenge. Change comes from every angle: Industry, Employment Company, Leadership, Retailers, Suppliers, Consumers, etc. A second challenge is managing projects and communication in a global business. Overcoming distance, time, language and cultural barriers in order to become a more efficient and effective company and leader is very exciting and challenging.

Advice for upcoming younger executives: My first piece of advice is to find your passion. You will be more successful if your job aligns with your values and passions. Second, build a plan to get to where you want to go. Keep in mind that lateral moves are often better than vertical ones as they provide you with targeted skills and knowledge. Finally, don’t give up; getting from point A to point B will take patience and hard work…but it is worth it!

Hobbies: Traveling, health/wellness(organics, yoga, etc), hiking, camping, spending time with family and friends.