Michelle “Micky” Nye

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Nye,-MickeyMichelle “Micky” Nye

Farm Fresh Food & Pharmacy, a division of Supervalu

Years with company: 14 months w/Farm Fresh; 16 years w/Supervalu

Education degrees and professional/volunteer organizations:

  • Cornell University Food Executive Program
  • B.S. Marketing – University of Phoenix
  • MBA – University of Phoenix
  • 2014: Board of Directors – Junior Achievement
  • 2012–Present: Network of Executive Women – Mid-Atlantic Division;
  • Current roles: REGIONAL CO-CHAIR, PROGRAMMING; Committee Chair Event Planning
  • 2007 CT Food Association: Vice-Chairperson; 2006 – Secretary
  • 1999-2005 CT Food Association: held various committee-chair positions

Mentors and how have they assisted you in your career: Early in my career (1980’s), senior leaders at Shaw’s Dave Jenkins, Scott Ramsey and Kent Gilbert all pushed me & supported me in various roles not held by women previously. Monica Abrams at Supervalu was really a major sponsor for me putting me in front of people that she felt would benefit from having me on their team. Sue Klug at Albertsons pushed me to stretch further as a leader and to do more than I knew I was capable of.  Her motto was “Go big or go home” and I have adopted the same philosophy!

What are you most proud of in your career achievements? I’ve been very fortunate to work on a number of initiatives, earning recognition for many accomplishments but at this time, I still think my biggest achievement is yet to come! I’m excited about my current role and fully focused on beating the challenges we face as a small regional player competing in an area of large national companies! Every day I look to do more than yesterday and I’m always looking for ways to improve!

Do you have a defining moment of your career to date? The courage to move away from family/friends and leave an organization where I was well respected and progressing at a rapid pace to take on greater responsibilities in another corporation. I haven’t looked back since. Several companies later, I am still learning and growing, appreciative of the new experiences.

Most challenging part of your job: Keeping the team motivated when times are tough and we’re asking folks to do more with less.  I believe that staying honest and positive about where we are as an organization and always making sure that everyone understands the vision and is moving closer to goal is critical to keeping everyone engaged.

Advice for upcoming younger executives:

  • Listen to your instincts and serve with integrity.
  • The list of challenges never end; take on those matter & that need to be solved—and then drive for solution!
  • You will never know what you’re capable of unless you go for it. Once you commit, go big or go home!

Hobbies: I especially love music, reading and tracing my roots.