Catherine Johnson

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Catherine Johnson, Wal-MartCatherine Johnson

Walmart USA
Senior Buyer – Seafood

Years with company: Two years

B.S. in Business, California State University at Sacramento

Mentors and how they have assisted you in your career:
The first mentors that I had were my parents.  They taught me to work for what I want and that things don’t come for free.

When I was a sourcing manager I had the opportunity to work for Ed and Kip.  The two of them taught me some very valuable lessons:

  • Value yourself and others will see the value in you.
  • Challenge yourself.  Don’t put a limit on what you can accomplish.
  • Be strategic, ethical and fair in your negotiations.
  • When making difficult decisions at work, always stick to the facts.
  • Teamwork is key.  Build a game plan with your team and be adaptable to change.

What are you most proud of in your career achievements?
The achievement that I am most proud of is my career growth.  I started out pushing shopping carts and bagging groceries for Albertsons while I worked my way through college.  Over 20 years with Albertsons, I held positions in merchandising and supply chain.  Recently I had the opportunity to join the Walmart team and now hold the position of Senior Buyer for seafood for the world’s largest retailer.  Starting out at entry level and working my way up has been both challenging and rewarding and I am thankful for all of the opportunities that have been available to me.

Most challenging part of your job:
The most challenging part of my job is finding the time to get everything done.  I can have my day fully planned out and it can change in a split second.  The retail food industry moves very quickly and staying up to speed on all of the moving parts is critical.

Advice for upcoming younger executives:

My advice for upcoming executives is to always be ethical and respectful.  Always treat people the way that you want to be treated and do the right thing.  You don’t get a “do-over” with your ethics.  Also, maintain a positive can-do attitude.  Positive thinking is a powerful thing!



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